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Benefits of incorporating custom millwork in your custom home or renovation

Black and white kitchen in a custom home renovation in Calgary

Millwork is often included in our custom home builds and home renovations. From kitchen cabinetry, built-in shelving, stair railings and molding, custom millwork creates a sense of fluidity throughout the home while maximizing space and showcasing your individual tastes. Going custom versus the prefabricated route increases the options for architectural layout and intricacy of design. Below, we explore some of the top benefits of incorporating custom millwork in your new home build or renovation project.

Personalized design

Sleek, minimal flex room with white floor-to-ceiling cabinets, built-in desk, rolling ladder and glass rectangular table

One of the benefits of building a custom home or embarking on a renovation is choosing design elements that reflect your tastes and suit your lifestyle. Millwork is the backdrop that ties style and function together. With a selection of light and dark wood finishes and any carved detailing, you can choose options that achieve your desired look. Custom millwork can also maximize your space. In the kitchen, custom cabinetry offers an optimized layout for increased storage and can be used to hide appliances for an overall minimal look. This option also enables additional features like push-to-open cabinets for a handless sleek and modern finish or floating shelves across floor length windows. Dreaming of a custom fireplace with built-in shelving surround to display your unique style? How about a walk-in closet with all the details or a custom mudroom to maximize organization and compliment your life? Custom millwork may not be the first thing you think of, but it’s what you appreciate the day-to-day.

Custom millwork adds value

Saville Homes renovated mid-century modern kitchen with polished concrete countertops

Custom millwork adds value to your home for multiple reasons. Aesthetically, custom millwork lends to a cohesive look to your home. Matching wood finishes and detailing ties together the cabinetry in your entry, kitchen, living room, bedrooms, bathrooms and stair railings. It adds a sense of thoughtful and intentional design to your home. Practically, custom millwork maximizes the space and organization of your home making items easier to find and your home easier to keep tidy. If done well, millwork can take the guesswork out of organization as everything has a natural place. The custom route will also mean your home is unique. Prefabricated woodwork is mass produced and can be found in many places – residential homes or shops and businesses. Custom millwork offers a better quality product in any look you like.

Professional experience

Rear mudroom with large stone tile flooring, white built-in bench and storage cabinets and black-framed, textured glass door.

Another benefit of opting for custom millwork is you get to work with professionals who have decades of experience designing and building solutions. They are able to make recommendations based on what’s best for your space while bringing your vision to reality. You will have more options to choose from including material, finish, size and shape for a long lasting result you love. Going custom also means you don’t need to compromise on styles or features.

Long-lasting quality craftsmanship

With all of the above benefits already listed, it goes without saying that custom millwork comes with long-lasting quality. You’ll know it was recently built from new materials, and is often built right on site without having to be shipped or transported, reducing the chance your millwork will be damaged during delivery. Your builder will have more choice when it comes to selecting each piece of raw material and may also recommend local suppliers for materials. Selecting local materials is eco-friendly, supports local business and the selected material is already adapted to the climate.

While not always the first thing you think of when building your dream home or embarking on a custom renovation, custom millwork can elevate the value of your home, help you achieve your desired look and offer small luxuries so you feel comfortable and proud of your new home.