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A Calgary Custom Home Builder Experience That’s Anything
but Customary

Client collaboration is key when it comes to building custom homes

Saville Homes designs and builds beautiful Calgary custom homes including infills in sought-after neighbourhoods, high-end estate homes and private acreages. In addition, Saville offers a full suite of high-end custom renovation services. You’ll find the same level of quality and care in every Saville project because we only build homes we’re proud of. From architecture and home design to interior decorating and landscaping, we collaborate closely with you through every phase of the project to make sure the home we build is even better than the home you expect. It’s why we are  Calgary custom home builders you can trust.

Custom Home Builders

a Calgary custom home builders experience like no other

From concept to completion, we’re committed to delivering an industry-leading customer experience as we work alongside you to bring your dream luxury home to life. By accepting a limited number of custom homes to build for clients, Saville Homes is able to deliver the exceptional level of service our clients have come to expect.


Rest Assured

Our renovation services mean you can get the home you’ve always wanted – without changing your address. From whole-home renos to dream kitchens, oasis bathrooms, basement developments and more, we take care of every last detail, including all City of Calgary permits and approvals.

Calgary Custom Home Builder Reviews

Our Reviews Speak
for Themselves

"Sheldon understood our vision and expectations from day one and delivered a great product that we are very happy with. Building a custom home in Calgary is a big investment and quite the section process as anyone who has been through the experience would know. Selecting the right homebuilder at the beginning is paramount for success. It took me a bit of time to find somebody like Sheldon of Saville Homes and when we connected, I knew it was the right chemistry to get the job done. Sheldon operated with a high degree of integrity and always followed up with his commitments which gave us continuous confidence in his work. Arriving to the end result is a process and decisions were sometimes untimely, however an accommodating and responsive builder such as Saville Homes made all the difference. Sheldon always had the time and patience to deal with matters brought to his attention; he gave good consultations and sound recommendations that benefitted the budget and ultimately the client at the end of the day."



Every custom home project is unique, so we begin by identifying the needs and wants of each of our clients. Proper preparation and planning are critical to a successful project. Saville Homes will discuss location, budget, design, timelines and any other important details of your project.



If required, Saville Homes works with you to find the perfect lot in your desired Calgary community that fits all the requirements of your custom home. Whether you are looking to build an inner-city luxury home or an elegant estate home on an acreage, our knowledgeable team can help identify any concerns or requirements of build lots.



Either our in-house architect begins designing your home, or we can work with another architecture firm of your choice. Saville Homes works closely with you throughout the entire home design process to ensure vision and budget are met. We believe client collaboration and teamwork is key to realizing your dream home.



Careful review of Saville Homes specifications with our client and a detailed budget is prepared before construction. Consultations with an interior designer are conducted to make sure we bring your specifications to life.



Working closely with your dedicated project manager, we take the project from conception to completion. This is done with scheduled walk-throughs of your custom home at specific stages of the home build. Depending on the complexity and scope of each project, construction time can range, but most projects can be completed within 8-12 months.



We celebrate your new custom home and pass you the keys to a place you’ll love for years to come!

Calgary’s Best Luxury Home Builders

It really is all about the details for us

Building your bespoke dream home begins with a thorough consultation process to understand your needs and style. From exterior architectural features to elegant interior designs, Saville Homes considers every detail to deliver exceptional results. Our custom homes speak for themselves and exemplify our commitment to luxury home building. Building a custom home is often a lifetime dream. We work with you closely to ensure we build your dream home and your dream lifestyle.

We know that a luxury home is functional too. Our team will spend time sun-mapping your home to maximize brightness, use modern heating and ventilation solutions to reduce the impact of allergens and even design a well organized mechanical room so you love every aspect of your custom home. As a high-end home builder, we partner with Calgary’s top boutique interior design studio to ensure every detail from the layout, materials and finishes reflect your unique style. Our holistic approach results in a finished luxury home that remains stylish after years of enjoyment. 


Luxurious Inner-City Infills

Bright, open layouts for generous spaciousness

As top inner-city Calgary custom home builders, Saville Homes is dedicated to building luxurious custom infills. We design striking exteriors that offer a private welcome and open layouts that inspire entertaining. Throughout our consultation process we’ll determine design features and focal points with you to build a bespoke inner-city home. Thoughtful details set our infill designs apart. We incorporate your style preference in new, unexpected ways so each build is unique and reflects you.


Estate Custom Homes

Come home to your luxurious retreat

Saville Homes is a trusted estate home builder and excels at balancing sprawling residences with luxurious intimate spaces. With years of experience, we build bespoke homes accentuated by their natural surroundings. From identifying the perfect lot to incorporating every feature of your dream home, our estate custom homes boast unparalleled craftsmanship. By limiting the number of projects we take on every year, we’re able to provide exceptional customer service and attention to detail to every estate home build.